A Private 62 Acre Island Vacation Rental 2 Miles From SWISS SKI SCHOOL


Featured on HGTV's "America's Most Outrageous Homes" and boasting a size larger than Disney's Magic Kingdom, The Ever After Estate is a gated 62 acre "island" vacation rental (easily accessible by car) just 2 miles down the road from the world-famous Swiss Ski School! available for couples, families, groups, weddings, &  reunions sleeping anywhere from just 2 people...to as many as 40+! (while hosting hundreds of people for outdoor events!). Enjoy total privacy while using our lagoon pool, water slide, game arcades, cinema, mini golf course, sports, & so much more!

Skeeball Loft
One of several game rooms, this themed space features a 360 scavenger hunt along with skeeball, darts, hoops, & entry to a 2 story indoor slide! 
Harry Potter Dorm Bedroom
Sleep in Orlando's most outrageously themed, interactive bedroom. The broomstick flies. The walls are inscribed with stories.
...one of many elegant and spacious luxury bedrooms with high-end mattress, custom themeing, DVD, Wifi, &  more.  Tiger included. Tarzan & Jane optional.
(Well, only in THIS room!) The chalkboard room features intricate "game play carpet," eraseable/writeable walls, computer games, & more!
Choose from over 1,000 movie titles. Watch DirectTV. Go for high scores on PlayStations or Wii games. Sleep in the fully reclining chairs.
HAVE A BALL! (or 23,000+!)
Kids AND adults will love "the ballpit!" Here you can slide, jump, & even shoot hoops or CLIMB THE WALLS (supports upto 2,000 lbs!)...Some have slept in here!
Enjoy unlimited free play of classic pinball machines, multi-cades featuring hit arcade games from the 80s & 90s. and so much more. You won't want to leave!
Several arcades are strategically placed throughout the estate's 8,000+ square feet. Included are pinball machines, multicades, stand-up classics, & sit-downs...
Commercial Grade mini golf
The Ever After Estate features 14 holes of challenging mini golf ("put put") following a fun, yet educational Native Indian theme. See if you can make par!
The Estate features 2.5 kitchens, extensive cooking facilities, cookware, utensils, service for dozens, and more. Intricate themeing adds to ambiance.
Return to nature and experience true serenity. The Ever After Estate's 62 acres of planned landscape mixed with natural pasture are taken care of with great pride.
Ever room, hallway, & corner of the estate is intricately decorated and themed with a perfect blend of class and whimsical creativity. No two rooms are alike!
Sit in hammocks. Have a picnic. Read a book while listening to the pool's waterfalls. Acres of landscape include oaks, pines, citrus trees, colorful plants, etc;
Games, Challenges, & Fun
In gaming areas, even staircases like this one hold special surprises the whole family/group is/are sure to love! Ages 2-102 ADORE The Ever After Estate!

62 Acres of natural privacy and 8,400 square feet of modern amenities

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Nature meets whimsical luxury entertainment. You can meditate in marshlands and watch sand hill cranes while catching bass fish for hours at Ever After. Then, indoors, watch Hollywood hits in our high-tech cinema (or watch them outside in our poolside theater!), play dozens of video game & pinball machines, climb & write on chalkboard walls, bounce in balls, cook gourmet meals, & more!

6 Star Service

From the moment you contact us through your check-in and departure, you will be treated like royalty. We will meet you upon your arrival and provide a full orientation of the property. If you need ANYTHING at all during your stay---at any time---we will exceed your expectations and provide it promptly. The Ever After Estate has an excellent reputation as Florida's most uniquely luxurious fun spot.
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"This property is the most fantastic place for a large family or group to spend a holiday; The property was 100% as described, well maintained and very clean. There were also detailed explanations of how everything worked with someone always on the end of a phone to deal with any questions or problems. I would have no problems recommending this property to anyone--It's the ultimate in luxury rentals. My family (has) many great memories of our stay and hopes to return many times in the future..."
--Robert Freeman, U.K.

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Of The The Ever After Estate...

"This is a place where I can come and truly be quiet, still, relaxed.. and have a good time! There is so much to do...One never really even has to leave the property!...!"
--Fred Jackson, Florida

"The kids had an absolute blast! So did we! I still can't believe a place like this even exists! We'll
be back!!"
--The Patel Family, California

"The Ever After Estate is dope, awesome- We'll definitely be back..."
--Krs-One, Hip-Hop Pioneer, New York


There's nothing else like it...

EVERY room, hallway, and corner of The Ever After Estate is elaborately detailed for the enjoyment of adults and children of all ages. There are 2 1/2 kitchens, 12 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The property also includes an elaborate grilling area, picnic tables, free WiFi, gym, library, sports equipment, and more.   

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