A Private 62 Acre Island Vacation Home Near Orlando, Florida
Playgrounds, Tetherball, A TreeHouse & More!

The Estate offers more than one playground! For example, in what we call "Fairy Woods"---approximately 200 feet west of the Main House, you'll find an elaborate treehouse, playground, & even a fishing pier! Adults and children adore swinging on hammocks among the mature oak trees while relaxing, playing, & picnicking in just one of many uniquely themed outdoor areas around the property. Our other family playground features a tetherball court (Shown in photo near top of page)...




Remember: We also have 9+ holes of miniature golf, 3 carousel rides, a bean bag toss, soccer field, basketball court, 3-way volleyball, outdoor movies, a swimming pool with enclosed 2 story speed slide, and dozens of acres of nature to play almost any game or sporting activity you can imagine!

Check Out These Other Amazing Areas At The Ever After Estate...

The Mini Golf Course

The Movie Theater


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